Flashback Gadget World 2004 Website

15 years ago Gadget World was born! In 2004 we launched our business and the first online gadget shop with this message: "Get connected. Start communicating. Organize your life. The latest PDA, laptop and desktop computers make working simple! Spruce up your system and store more stuff with more memory. Preserve special moments with latest Digital Cameras and share them with a photo printer. See things a little more clearly with a new monitor. Super Power yourself with useful Gadgets. Whether you're a tech geek or a Net newbie, Gadgets World makes it simple to find the product you trust at prices you love! Happy shopping from Gadgets World!"

Our slogan remains the same:

One Stop Gadget Shop

Our logo have changed with our identity remains the same, Gadget World is everything related to gadgets, gizmos, and cutting-edge consumer electronics. Our aim has always been to provide first class customer service with value for money innovative products that completely satisfy even the most demanding customer. 

2004 Gadget World wesbite

The above screenshot shows our old website design with our old logo. Gadget World title was corrected by removing the 's' form Gadgets. The first domain name was used is a .AE domain which explains why our social media accounts ends up with AE (such as @GadgetWorldAE). We own different domain names and currently www.gadgetworld.shop is our primary.

We share our story in this page. We have a rich history of many great memories and accomplishments throughout the years. We met great people and worked with the best employees who we treated as family. We have memories in photos in our Facebook page

We are proud of our beginnings and looking forward to a great future. It is our honor to be at your service.

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