Payment Security

GADGETWORLD.SHOP is equipped with the latest technologies in terms of payment security. So we offer two modes : - a payment by credit card with Tap - a payment with PAYPAL account. These payment website leaders take care to secure your datas. At no time we have access to your bank details.

Thanks to the technologies used and the absence of a printed document mentioning the credit card number in plain text, we assure you that it is safe to pay with credit card on Tap.

The information related to the order and the number of the credit card do not circulate in the clear on the Internet. The credit card number is not printed on any paper, invoice, or other listing. The merchant is not aware of the card numbers.

No one has access to the credit card details of the purchasers, either in a computer or printed form.The risk of being "hacked" is null.

We also offer PayPal "Trading Enterprises", it is your safety reflex to pay online. Pay with your credit card without giving the number. In addition, pay faster when you buy online.

Your credit card number is never revealed to merchants. 100% protection against unauthorized payment from your account. Each purchase is confirmed by a receipt.

Pay faster when you buy online. Pay with your credit card or bank account. You have the choice. You do not need to re-enter your information.

If you have any question don't hesitate to contact us.

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