What are the benefits of Fidget Spinner?

We have a lot of customers asking this question, so we decided to compile this blog post to explain all the benefits. Fidget toys are very successful especially Fidget Spinner. Numerous studies discuss the benefits that fidgeting has on the body, how it boosts memory, focus and creativity. And a recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found fidgeting can make you healthier.

It is not only an amazing entertaining toy that helps you become more focused and attentive but also perfect for everyone who suffer from fidgeting, anxiety, ADHD, autism, staying awake on long car drives. It’s an irreplaceable spin toy for those who are trying to quit bad habits like nail biting, leg shaking, etc... It helps you and your kids to take your eyes off the smartphones and iPads as well.

Reference to Forbes: “When introducing testers or random passersby to a spinner, the conversation always went the same way. We'd tell them what it was and they'd have some sort of aggressively incredulous response, but then we'd put it in their hand and in a matter of seconds they'd say how much they like it and wouldn't want to give it back -- every single time, without fail.

It may not sound like it, but these fidget toys -- the Cube included -- could very well improve your day-to-day by giving you an innocuous outlet for your nervous or bored energy, and our testers unanimously found this to be true. Some of us played with the spinners instead of bit our nails and cuticles -- I went from short nails and raw skin to being able to squeeze a lemon into a glass of water with no problem. Some found we were more present in our daily lives -- fidgeting with the spinner on the subway and paying attention to our surroundings rather than burying our faces in our phones. A few of us noticed we got up from our desks less, dumping energy into fidgeting with the spinner rather than taking mindless trips to the pantry. Our engagement level with the spinners varied from tester to tester, but we all preferred having them around, and found ourselves reaching for it when we were doing things that didn't require both hands, from editing an article to simply waiting for the elevator.

We also found that the spinners are a good conversation piece. People tend to wonder what in the world you're playing with, and when someone actually recognizes them, it's like an instant bonding moment. Funnily enough, after having a frustrating couple days at the Apple Store trying to get my phone battery repaired in a reasonable time, an Apple technician noticed my spinner, struck up a conversation, and smoothly helped me along the process. Some of us also found that the spinners scratched our collector's and hobbyist itch. I kind of want to catch 'em all and display them on a shelf, whereas others looked into how to build their own.

Ultimately, though, there isn't enough research regarding whether or not these spinners can actually help people from a mental health standpoint. Basically, you'd have to try it for yourself.” Source: Forbes.

What do our customers think about it? Check the reviews and feedback on product pages from real customers.

We only sell high-quality Fidget Spinners. What makes the Gadget World Spinner better than other spinners?

  1. Very long spin times. We have spinners that goes over 2 minutes and others over 7 minutes! It is also very fast and smooth spinning!
  2. Ultra-durable injection molded ABS plastic that won't break when you drop it, others made of the best steel and titanium available in the market
  3. High-quality center bearing made of the BEST ceramic bearing
  4. High-quality contour center caps for ease of use and comfort while spinning
  5. Tight fit bearings and caps for stable construction that won't fall apart
  6. Premium metal case for safe storage in a backpack or other bag
  7. Increased focus for those suffering from ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism
  8. Discreet fidgeting while you relieve stress at school or the office
  9. Free high-quality carry case with every fidget spinner, it keeps it safe and away from scratching your pocket items
  10. Quantity discount if you buy more than one piece, mix any two items and start earning huge discounts
  11. Collect valuable reward points that turns easily into cash

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I am very happy to see the advantage of rotating fidgrt spinner

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