The First To Own A Prius in UAE

We have the pleasure to be the first to buy the Prius in the UAE during March 2016. Founder and Managing Director of Gadget World Engr. Mohammed Alfalasi didn't hesitate to buy the Prius "I wanted the most efficient environmentally friendly hybrid car and the Prius is the first hybrid and I know the Prius form other markets, it is a popular car and gained huge popularity including many public figures and celebrities who also wanted to take part in choosing a car that is friendly for the environment. So it’s been in the market for a long time and gained the trust and confidence of consumers."

"I personally was following the news and knowing that RTA deployed the hybrid Camry Taxi, I thought to myself that the Prius must be next. That’s why it was a good opportunity to test hybrid Toyotas in the UAE and that will benefit releasing the Prius and that’s the second reason why I chose the Prius. The third reason is that the new model comes with major changes and the latest technologies from Toyota, the new body structure, performance and practicality, plus the support you get from Alfuttaim."

We have strict instructions to reduce waste, reduce using papers in the office and contribute to environmental initiatives. It is part of our corporate culture "I’m proud that our rulers have taken a great interest in this direction, also a great step forward by establishing the new Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in 2016 to focus on protecting the environment. In transport we can play a major role to contribute to this vision. I also hope that the infrastructure will support this vision as well."

And he continues on empowering the younger generation to invest in hybrid cars "I believe they need to know that our efforts are directly aimed to benefit them and their efforts are even more important to benefit their children and their children’s children. It is very important we build a bright future for them and it starts with us, small steps by many people makes a big difference. Fun electric cars is the future." 

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