The New DOOGEE BL9000 With Most Impressive Battery Life

The BL9000 comes with an elegant design that targets businessmen and travelers who wants a very long battery life phones that look amazing. The killer feature in the BL9000 is its big battery. As its name suggests, it is equipped with a 9000mAh battery and considering the fact that it comes with the power-efficient Helio P23 SoC, it should offer a great battery performance. It come with 6GB of RAM that should draw a little more power, but at 9000mAh, it shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, a 5V/2A flash charger is included for a quick refill. And it supports wireless charging too!

Another important factor when buying a new phone is the display quality and this is where the BL9000 should excel. It will come with a 5.99″ FHD+ LG display that makes some of the best IPS panels in the industry so it has an above average performance, especially when it comes to sunlight legibility. 

What defines a good design? A user-centered design which keeps the balance of human, environment, society, technology and user experience. The design of BL9000. When leather gets to meet with metal, a sense of aesthetics is mixed with the sophisticated business luxury.

Discover the new BL9000:


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