The World's Smallest and Lightest Iron

✓ Are you looking for a portable travel iron that doesn't take up much room in your suitcase?
✓ Are you looking for an iron that's easy to store?
✓ Are you looking for an iron that can easily iron out places bigger irons can't reach like collars, pockets and pleats?

Introducing the world's most compact, smallest and lightest iron with mighty abilities. Super lightweight - weighing just 0.81 pounds - it'll set crisp creases and remove wrinkles quick and easy. It's strong enough for everyday use at home, yet, lightweight and compact, for taking along with you wherever you go. Whether your definition of a polished look is a well-pressed suit, a smooth silk dress or a wrinkle-free shirt for work, you can achieve it with this clever Portable Mini Folding Iron. This iron is designed to give you the high-performance power of the pros at home and on the go.

Foldable Iron

Dual voltage design 110-220V - No more worrying about differences in each country’s voltage - This amazing mini iron is designed with travellers in mind. It dual voltage design, which covers 110 to 220 (v), makes it compatible with almost all country's voltages. Just plug it in anywhere around the world and it'll heat up in no time. This little powerful travel iron will fight wrinkles with 60 watts power which means that it'll iron out any wrinkle or crease in the first pass.

Foldable Iron

Two great modes of use to make your ironing life easier! Its creative wing design let you easily iron places that traditional irons can't reach. Simply clip the wings of the iron collars, pockets, trouser legs and pleats. Or spread out its wings and use it as a traditional iron for a wide range of clothings. Once done, fold the wings and it'll become as small as the size of a palm! This handy appliance comes with six heat settings and features, which can be used for different fabrics (polyester, silk, wool, cotton, denim, and linen).

If there’s one thing that going to put a wrinkle in your perfectly planned trip, it’s the prospect of actual wrinkles that are sure to plague all of your lovingly packed outfits as they sit jammed into your carry-on. How in the world do you shrink your closet into a single carry-on, and still look put together? Foldable Iron is here to help! It'll fight wrinkle and creases like a hero so you don't have to!

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