We have published this warning last year to make everyone aware and to protect you from dealing with the frauds. We 'Gadget World' are a licensed official business and our logo is licensed and it is our intellectual property, our brand remains strong, unique and always credible. Many websites are copying our identity, our style, and our image. Using our name or our logo or both, just blatant copy of Gadget World!

Customers who bought from those websites (including Facebook pages, eBay, Twitter, etc...) either didn't receive their orders, or they received faulty products. Those customers they can't find a proper contact info from the copycat sellers so they google and find us and use our contact info to complain, our Customer Service Representatives attend to their issues and help them take the necessary actions against the fraudulent website.

We would like to advise anyone who wants to start a business to work out your own unique characteristics, the kind of personality that would appeal to the customers you wish to attract. Play to your own strengths and develop a distinctive image that creates a new relevance or category within your market. Copying others doesn't work.

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