First Smartphone Experience

I remember being the only person at college - teachers and administration included - with a smartphone. But my first device wasn't exactly a phone it was a Compaq iPAQ 3630 PDA, Then HP iPaq h5450 PDA which I then converted into a phone using an add-on radio module, it wasn't reliable but it did look very sophisticated. 

Compaq iPAQ 3630

This is my first PDA device Compaq iPAQ 3630


iPaq h5450 PDA

This is HP iPaq h5450 PDA With the Phone Module attached to it.

Compaq C-Series Handheld

My first Hadheld device the Compaq C-Series next to iPhone.

In the beginning I started with Compaq C-Series Handheld as a mobile device to use for work and home, then a PDA, then a PDA plus Phone, and after that in 2002 I got a PDA Phone which was my first true smartphone, it was the Siemens SX45.

Siemens SX45

Even with the availability of Palm and Blackberry, the only time I felt I'm really using a smartphone it was with the Siemens SX45. Then the world went crazy - but exciting in the same time - with many different concepts of Smartphones, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Symbian Phones, Palm devices, Windows Mobile, etc... Until we reached the iPhone and Android boom! 

Going from a simple clamshell phone, to a camera phone to a smart device Handhelds and PDAs, and finally a Smartphone was a very exciting experience. This is just a quick brief glimpse of history, you may share your thoughts and your first smartphone experience with us in the comments below.

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