Type-C OTG Adapter Cable

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  • Product Name: Glossy Type-C OTG Line
  • Product weight: 8g
  • Product length: 16.5CM
  • Product interface: Type-C
  • Product color: black white

Product features: Universal Type-C interface mobile phone / computer support to connect keyboard, mouse, U disk, card reader and other USB interface external devices.


Specially designed to provide backward compatible data transfer and power charging.

USB 3.1 provides up to 10Gbps transfer speeds.

Reversible Type C connector is designed to plug in either way (no more upside-down plugging!) and cable allows for charging in either direction between devices.

Use your existing USB data and charging cables to connect USB 3.1 Type C devices to your for iPhone, for iPad, smart phone, tablet, and other electronics.

Package Included:

1*Type-c otg cable