Micro:bit Control Graphical Programming OTTO Robot

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Kittenbot Micro:bit Robotbit Version 8 Ways Servo Micro:bit Control Graphical Programming OTTO Robot

Product: 8 ways servo OTTO Robot Voltage: 5V Current: 1A Color: white/ blue/ red Size: 135*70*111mm Weight: About 245g Features: - Graphical programming,easy to control the robot to make different pose. - 8-way servo support it to move flexibly. - Excellent in appearance design and have 3 colors. - DIY Desige, assemble it at any time. - Help to develop logical thinking ability when you are DIY it. - It supports to dance and to make so much different gesture. Package contains Microbit: (white with microbit, Red with microbit, Blue with microbit ) 1* OTTO ROBOT kit 1* Robot:bit 1* Micro:bit 1* Screwdriver 8* Servo n* Screws 1* Manual 1* 3.7V Lipo battery