Mini Folding Knife Multipurpose Key Chain

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  • This key chain blade open only 3.39 inches total length, is a portable outdoor travel tool of choice. 
  • You can easily open folding blade when cutting rope and other objects as simple as just opening the box!
  • The blade is only 1.3 inches, very practical, and can be hung on a keychain or bag.
  • In daily life, you can use it to open the box or envelope. Outdoors, fishing line can be used to cut, trim tarpaulin or open a package of frozen food.
  • Blade Material: 5CR15
  • Handle Matreial: 420 Steel
  • Total Length: 86mm/3.39"
  • Blade Length: 23mm/0.91"
  • Blade Thickness: 1.2mm/0.079"
  • Hardness: 57HRC
  • Surface Treatment: Titanize