GameSir G5 with Trackpad

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GameSir G5 is the award-winning next-generation gaming controller and the first gamepad that dedicatedly build for mobile MOBA games and shooting games. Merging several revolutionary inventions: trackpad, surrounding button layout, extra configurable buttons, GameSir G5 strikes the ordinary way to mobile gaming and brings out the brand-new control solution with your Android smartphone. If you are a mobile gamer who loves battling online, it is the ultimate secret weapon to win.

Key Features:

  • Specialized MOBA-simulated buttons layout and touchpad, designed for MOBA/FPS games
  • Perfect for MOBA / PUBG-like games
  • Extra Customizable buttons L4, R4 & L5, R5 at rear
  • High sensitive ALPS 3D left joystick with 255 levels linear movement
  • Built-in Smartphone holding bracket with max.150-degree angle
  • Built-in Remapper function. (So, package items no Remapper A2)

The Built-In BattleDock™ Function:
BattleDock™ when you put it on the desktop. To even stimulate the potential of the next-gen gaming controller, we added the BattleDock™ chip into GameSir G5 and turn it a keyboard mouse converter when it stays still on the desk.

Package contents:

  • 1* Gamepad GameSir G5 
  • 1* Manual
  • 1* USB charging cable
  • No Remapper A2, no 2.4G USB Dongle


Read Before Buy

  • This product does not support iOS Fortnite due to the simulator detection by the game publisher.
  • This product does not support iOS and Android mobile PUBG, as account banning system officially started. If you use the product to play PUBG mobile, you take your own risk from account banning by the game publisher.
  • If you use Android phone, it asks you to enable the debug mode of your smartphone.

Some popular mobile games do not support gamepad natively. To force them controllable with gamepads, GameSir either requires you to use GameSir World app to create a button overlay on the screen allowing GameSir product to control the game (Android) or provides you the complete game packages already integrated with the gamepad support (iOS). We promise you that GameSir never-ever manipulates the game's internal data, and never modifies and harms your smartphone system.

    Note: iOS user can't play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile


    By purchasing this product with smartphones, you agree to take your own risk from any potential detection by any game publishers and the consequence of it, or any situation occurred due to the enabled debugging mode. It is your responsibility to ensure the smartphone's safety and determine the usage of our products. GameSir is not responsible or liable in any manner in respect of the results above.





    Working Platforms: Android Phones/Tables and iOS Phones/Tables   (G5 doesn't work on PC)  

    (iOS user can't play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Mobile)

    Connection: Only Bluetooth  
    Cable Length: 39.37 in.
    Battery Life: 18 hr.
    Vibration Feedback: No
    Auto-fire turbo mode: Yes
    Battery Capacity: 800mAh battery
    Dimensions: 6.10*3.98*2.56 in.
    Gross Weight: 0.53 lb. 

    Product Spec:G5_zina_9



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