Smart Gear Health Tracker And Ultra Violet Level Monitoring Watch

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Smart Gear Health Tracker and UltraViolet Level Monitor watch.  While outdoors it is important for your well being that you do not expose to a high level of UV rays.  It is known that a high level of UV rays are very harmful to skin and may cause skin or health-related problems.

This Smart Gear watch will help you track and warn you of the UV levels currently by analyzing the sunlight and warning thru the APP.  Once you get the UV level warning you can take appropriate action to protect your self with sunscreen or go back indoors.

No need to charge every 2 days the built-in batteries last for 1 year before need replacement.

The watch also has other features for your wellness

    • UV Level Monitoring.
    • Pedometer with history tracking.
    • Calories burned.
    • Swimming Lap counting.
    • Sleep Monitoring. 
    • Incoming Call alert.
    • Incoming message alert.
    • Waterproof watch.
    • Batteries last for 1 year before need replacement ( watch batteries available everywhere  CR-3022)
    • Free APP for IOS and Android phones.