Original Xiaomi Mijia Flydigi WASP2 Game Handle Wireless Smart Controller

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Note : Factory has been update Flydigi handle version few month ago . so the New version doesn't have a bag inside the original parcel . please note. 

Name: Feizhi WASP One-hand Game Handle


Suitable for : Wasp2: For IOS / Android smart phones and tablet (Width less than 86mm)

                   Wasp-N:For iPhone6/iPhone6 Plus/iPhone 6S/iPhone6S Plus

                                /iPhone7 /iPhone7Plus/iPhone8/iPhone8 Plus

                    Wasp-X:For iPhoneX/ iPhone XS / iPhone XS MAX

Conection: Capacitance Septum projecting (without bluetooth)

Input Voltage: 5V

electric Current:≤20mAh

Instructions for Use:Insert the iPhone into the handle and open the handle switch. For the first time, you need to customize the button in the game, drag the function button you want to cast to four fixed mapping points.

Note : now we add a handle option for Android (blue color) , it use bluetooth to conect with the phone . Doesn't have Mapping function . 



Seven major upgrades
Upgrade ALPS big rocker
The trip is more than twice the previous generation!
With anti-wear powder pom tablets, silky smooth feel more than Octopus
Newly added detachable metal back button
Awaken the middle finger, unilateral three fingers change four fingers
iOS Android Universal
Maximum support 86mm wide, perfect compatible membrane case
Cobblestone soft surface
Fit the palm, very grip
Slim body, about 40% shorter than the previous generation 
Smaller packages bring more heat dissipation
LB, LT upgrade jog button
Key feedback is crisp and strong
Built-in Type-C tour activation line
Android map activation anytime, anywhere










Original Xiaomi Flydigi Game Controller Left Right Gamepad Trigger Shooter Joystick for PUBG Mobile Game for iPhone Android



Flydigi Game Trigger   

Model: Fengci

Tech: Capair Mapping

Max Stretch support: 82mm

Max Phone Thickness support: 9mm

Charging port: USB

Note: Optional "left "or "right", only means one of them.