Gadget Organizer Case

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This Universal electronic organizer bag can be use as the travel electronics case for external hard drive (HDD),  Phones, CF cards,  Plugs, Memory cards, power bank and etc. Or as a makeup bag for your travel accessories.

Excellent Protection - Well padded semi flexible covers and lining offer excellent protection for your Gadgets.

Different size sections help you to sort and store your items. It is great for being able to see all your items and keeping them in order. You can take it on a long trip.


Cable Organizer--Elastic loops keep your cables tidy and you know where they all are.

Cards Holder--Mesh pockets sort and find your memory cards, CF Cards, USB sticks, dongles at first sight.

A Sleeve Pouch protects iPad from bumps and scratches.

Other bits and pieces--You can design the Velcro dividers to your own needs.