Charger Haven For Your Smart Gadget Collection No Tangles No Chaos

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Charger Haven For Your Smart Gadget Collection..No tangles! No chaos!!

Charge multiple devices in an organized , no chaos fashion.. Remove each device without tangling your cords into a cable knot !The charger has a built-in stand that will hold up to 4 devices at a time and allow you to charge quickly and efficiently like never before! The charger base has an intelligent ic chip that delivers only the amount of charge your devices require, not less not more..

Are you in Charger Heaven yet? Order right away and be there..


  • The charger stand comes with 4 high speed USB port to charge up to 4 devices.
  • Charger Watts 60 with 4 USB ports 1.2amps and 2.1amps. 
  • Plugs in to the wall outlet for charging via 120/240 v Ac. 
  • It comes in Black , White , Blue and Green colors.

***Please note: Charging Cables and Devices shown are for demo purpose only not included.***