Cooling Support Holder Bracket For Smartphones

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USB charging
The battery life will service a long time, the charging treasure and USB charging head can supply power, plug and play, very convenient.
Ultra-quiet fan
The mobile phone radiator built-in 7500 rpm DC motor that is noise-reducing, so you dont have any noise when using your phone.
With mobile phone radiator, your phone will not be hot, not only it saves energy, but also extends battery life.
Spring telescopic clip
Support clip width of 67-90mm, does not hurt the phone, has a soft silicone mat, the phone is very stable.
Principle of heat dissipation
The heat dissipation system is equipped with a fan, the hot end is provided with a heat conductive aluminum block, the refrigeration module is equipped with a semiconductor refrigeration sheet, and the cold end is provided with a heat conductive aluminum block. The semiconductor is cooled and frozen, and it can be cooled rapidly by energization.