Deluxe Scratch Off World Map Travel

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SHOW OFF YOUR TRAVELS: This detailed scratch off travel map allows you to show off which countries you have traveled to in a fun and unique way. Giving you not only an accurate cartography of the globe, but also your very own personalized map, catered to you. Seeing which countries that you have been to and still need to visit also ignites your inner travel bug, getting you excited to book your next big adventure.

A FUN ACTIVITY: Scratching off this map is a fun activity to do by yourself, with your travel partner, or a group of friends. It can also act as a creative geographical learning experience. To begin scratching off this map, use the included guitar pick or pen scratcher and scratch off the luxurious top foil layer of the corresponding country that you have visited. Once scratched, it will reveal detailed countries, as well as certain states, cities and flags, separated by different colors.

MEANINGFUL DECOR: This large, frameable poster map gives you a piece of decor that you will be proud to showcase! The modern, sleek design will easily serve as the focal point in any room, whether that be in your living room, office, or bedroom. Not only this, but when guests come over it will act as a conversational piece, allowing you to tell the story of your travels. Because of its neutral black and gold design, this map also ensures that it will match practically any space.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Do you often have a hard time finding that perfect gift for your jetsetting, globetrotter friend or family member? This scratch off travel map is the perfect meaningful gift! It allows the gift receiver to display where they have traveled to in the world, igniting conversation and the urge to travel to new destinations. Not only can it be the perfect gift, but it also works great as a classroom tool, especially in geography or social studies related classes.