Desktop Wind Tower Oscillatiing Mulit-Directional Fan

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This unique twist-top tower fan from Lasko is the perfect companion for your days at the office. You wont sweat the deadlines with this convenient desktop design featuring a pivoting top module that enables air movement in two stationary directions. For even broader coverage, the full product oscillates together. It is also ideal for nightstands, tabletops, countertops, workshops, health clubs, stores, classrooms, hospitals and other areas where space is limited. Easily portable with an integrated carry handle, this fantastic little fan operates at three quiet speeds for all-season comfort.
- Item Height (in) : 11.900
- Packing Time (days) : 3
- Item Weight (lb) : 2.50
- Item Width (in) : 5.100
- Dimensions : 11.900, 5.100, 5.200
- Item Length/Depth (in) : 5.200
- Delivery Time (days) : 6
- Length: 13.0 in, Width: 3.0 in, Height: 6.0 in