First Aid Only Portable AM/FMTV Crank Radio

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Always stay prepared using this portable crank radio with flashlight. This handheld radio is great if you are camping, hiking or doing outdoor activities where you may need to be able to be in touch day and night. When your power goes out and you can't find batteries, you can stay informed. Crank radio is great for outdoor activities and emergencies. It can also be powered by three AA batteries (sold separately).
- Dimensions : 4.3", 2.1", 5.9"
- Item Height (in) : 4.3"
- Item Width (in) : 2.1"
- Packing Time (days) : 2
- Delivery Time (days) : 7
- Length: 2.1 in, Width: 0.56 in, Height: 4.3 in