Full Touch Screen IP68 Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Smartwatch

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IP68 waterproof, 1.3-inch full-fit HD round screen, 7-day battery life


Heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen, pedometer, payment, stopwatch, music control, Bluetooth camera


Home screen:1.3-inch TFT full lamination multi-touch circular screen, resolution 240 * 240


Watch language support:Chinese, English, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian APK Language Pack:Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Czech, Polish, Arabic, Thai, Indonesia, Armenia


1.The principle of wearable device measurement is completely different from that of medical equipment. It is only for sports and fitness reference, thank you. 2.Please download the APP before use. 

Make your movement no limitation

HD round screen

Newly upgraded superior MCU

Best Bluetooth chipset NORDIC NRF52832 More RAM and FLASH, more versatile extensions, Faster display speed, smooth operation experience The new cortex-m4f kernel has lower power consumption and longer standby time

High-definition screen is pleasing to your eyes

Full round screen touch, free operation all the display

Innovative design

bright black, silver, rose gold colors via vacuum plating bright stainless steel case with CNC high-speed cutting Dark grey aviation aluminum ring with complex technical processing and color matching

Sports and business style

The watchband adopts the current popular two-color design,black new TPU surface material sews Khaki leather.it soft and comfortable to wear and will not deteriorate due to sweat erosion, It is practical and fashionable, no matter eports or business scene is easy to handle.

IP68 waterproof You can swim with it

it supports following situations, hand washing, rain swimming wear, which meet the needs of daily life Remark: please do not use in sauna or hot water

Accurate records Professional sports data analysis

Built-in professional data analysis and calculation mode for different motion modes, monitor your every activity, professional motion sensors Automatic tracking of your movement, let you focus and enjoy the pleasure of exercise

Multiple motion monitorin 10 sports models in one

Support walking, running, jumping rope, mountain climbing and cycling APP side display, and support historical data analysis query

No more missing messages

You won't miss important information when it's inconvenient to check your phone Real-time synchronization reminder which supports pushing SMS We Chat QQ Twitter, Facebook and other social media notifications

Nomore missing call

It's easier to raise your hand to check incoming calls in different environments, Synchronize incoming calls with your phone Raise your hand to check incoming calls You can reject incoming calls

All day dynamic heart rate monitoring

Using a new generation of high-precision optical sensors and scientific algorithms, More accurate monitoring, lower power consumption and all day recording of every change and data.Detect abnormalities in time, for your health early warning

Heart rate, blood pressure blood oxygen monitoring

Different from other similar products,you can view a variety of multiple monitoring data and historical data from watch directly.It's easier to focus on your health

Real-time weather In your hand

Frocast the weather, no matter Blue sky white clouds, blue sky or sudden storm

Detachable straps design,find your style

You can buy general 22mm watchband from market to match dial style uick disassembly strap in 2 second, easy to handle

More functions

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