Mini GPS Tracker Car Waterproof Magnet GPS Locator 100 Days Standby

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Four work module

Four work modules can switch each other via sms command or app 1: Vibration saving power mode(default work): the work time depend on your shock device time,beause once static ,it will go to sleep,obtain vibration will auto wake up. 2: Single position mode: the work time longer than the vibration saving mode,beause this no matter move or static ,it always sleep, only receive a requirment that location ,it will auto wake up ,then go sleep again. 3:Emergency real -time mode: this work time is the shortest,beause it auto wake up all the time. 4:SMS mode(close gprs): this is the biggest save mode,can work long time .

Web platform and APP

pls note the IMEI number that attachment in device ,choice the IMEI/ID to login, user: IMEI number pass:123456 (default,you can change after you login) web platform : APP name: DAGPS Login android &IOS APP ways: