Jogging Buddy Bluetooth Smart Speaker W/FM Radio Watch Style And More

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Jogging Buddy Bluetooth Smart Speaker W/FM Radio Watch Style And More.. 

What a smart idea ! The jogger can enjoy the music through the speaker, which allows the jogger to be alert about the surroundings as the ears are open while jogging. It's a must have speaker for you whether you are jogging outdoors or indoors, on your treadmill.. 

The speaker has Bluetooth enabled to play music from you Smart Phone or any device or even play music from a memory card that can be inserted in the speaker.  You also can catch an FM Radio and enjoy your favorite RJ's chat and listen to music. You may even pause and use the watch as a remote for your camera on your Smart Phone ! ..and that's not all..  You can take an incoming call and talk right from the Speaker Watch with it's built-in mic.  

Light weight and built to last.. it has a subwoofer effect on the high-quality speaker that fits on all wrists, as it's a UNI-SEX Speaker that anyone can wear. Easy to operate and has built-in rechargeable batteries that can last 8 hours of play or 7 days of standby.. Write it on your wishlist and get it today.. !


  • Bluetooth enabled Speaker. 
  • Call Answer and use Voice Command to make calls.
  • Control Music from the Watch like Pause, Forward, Repeat  or Stop.
  • Store Music on a TF memory card ( not included)  and play your MP 3 songs.
  • Remote Shutter for your camera on the phone.
  • ABS plastic and Silicone belt makes it durable and long lasting.
  • Adjustable belt for wrist up to 9 " .
  • Water Resistant.
  • Weighs less than 3 oz.
  • It comes in sporty colors that can go well with your jogging suit like: BLACK, YELLOW, BLUE, RED and WHITE.  
  • Great Stocking Stuffers.