Anti Mosquito Trap Bug Zapper USB Powered Insect Repellent

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Product Features:
1.BIONIC TECHNOLOGY. Triple bionic mosquito light, multi-dimensional stereoscopic mosquito, light wave + temperature + breath, through the human body bionic technology, the light wave has a strong attraction to mosquitoes
2.PHOTOCATALYTIC MECHANISM. Adopt mosquito's favorite 368nm UV section, which can automatically effectively attract mosquitoes to enter bug zapper. Chemical-free, safe, eco-friendly for family
3.EFFECTIVE MOSQUITO KILLING. 360 degree wrap-around UV light can attract mosquitoes in a wider range, there is a strong swirling flow in the middle and a closed mosquito tray at the bottom to avoid escape
4.ULTRA-SILENCE WORK. working noise is less than 30db, comfortable and quiet, especially suitable for mother and baby. Enjoy a quiet, mosquito-free summer
5.REMOVABLE WASHABLE. When it is full load, rotate the bottom to remove the mosquito tray, wash it with water, then wipe it with a rag and reuse
6.USB Powered & Use Widely: NONPEST bug trap is USB powered with DC 5V safe voltage, and you can connect it to an adapter, power bank, computer or any device with a USB port. It is very portable and durable, so not only for indoor use in living room, kitchen, bedroom, basement, enclosed garage, store, office, etc, but also for a trip or camping in outdoor enclosed space with power bank. Energy-saving and convenient!

Product Specifications:
Product Dimensions:10.5*10.5*25cm
Material: ABS
Weight: 363g/ 0.8lb
Voltage Input: 5V
Onput Power: 5W
Use range: 20-40 square meter
USB cable length: 108cm

1. Unplug the power plug when cleaning the storage box. Do not clean it with electricity.
2. When the product is working, do not put your hand into the poduct or play with the machine, so as to avoid scratching the finger by fan or other accident.
3. Do not let baby look straight at the light!