Outdoor Clean Water System With Filtration

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  • Using the highest precision 0.01 micron hollow ultrafiltration membrane 99.9% filter out water harmful bacteria, such as E. coli, Legionella, Salmonella and so on. To ensure the safety of drinking water;
  • Backwash design: as long as blowing from the outlet can easily backwash the filter to achieve re-use of environmental protection;
  • Pure physical filtration, compared to chemical sterilization more secure;
  • With water bottles or beverage bottles and other connections to use, to facilitate the demand for drinking water;
  • Three kinds of use: 1, straight suction, 2, connected to a soft kettle or 28 mouth water bottle, 3, connected to the water bag.



  1. For the first time, because the filter is dry, the first water bubble is a normal phenomenon, need to suck many times before the water.
  2. Because the filter with 0.01 micron high-precision ultrafiltration membrane, is not recommended to filter the visual turbid water, otherwise, will cause the filter block, affecting its service life. 
  • Height: 195MM
  • Maximum diameter: 45mm
  • Net weight: 78g Connection extension tube after the total length of 30 cm Filter length 10 cm Extension tube with connector length 13.5 cm faucet connection water nozzle length 7 cm