Plextone DX6 Bluetooth Earphone Three Units 3.5mm In-Ear Earbuds

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  • Professional enjoyment of voice sharps.
  • Double magnetic coil + custom single-acting iron
  • Passive noise reduction with double moving coils
  • Customized 30098 Moving iron unit, experiencing broader Hi-Fi resolution
  • New electronic frequency division circuit, amazing acoustic performance
  • Strong and durable fashion design
  • MMCX socket, easy replacement of headphone cable, low distortion rate
  • Professional cable scheme, Anti-pull, anti-bending, anti- corrosion


  • Pronunciation Unit: 3 Hbrid Divers
  • Impedance: 16Ω
  • Frequency Response Range: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Microphone Pointing: All pointing
  • Audio Socket: MMCX Pro removable
  • Input Power: 10mW

Packaging Details:

  1. 3 Hybrid Driver Unit(Left & Right) x 2
  2. Double Section Silicone Ear Cap(M) x 2
  3. Circular Silicone Ear Cap(3 Sizes) x 6
  4. Wire Clamp x 1
  5. 3.5mm headphone line x 1
  6. Manual x 1
  7. Warranty Card x1

DX6 Official standard:

  1. Only 3.5mm without mic Earphone
  2. Only 3.5mm with mic Earphone
  3. Only 3.5mm without mic Earphone+Bluetooth cable

3 Hybrid Drivers:

Professional Enjoyment of Voice Sharps

3 Hybrid Drivers

Dynamic Drivers×2 Armature Driver ×1 (1)Armature Driver: #30098 (2)Dynamic Drivers: Broad frequency response range (3)Electronic frequency dividing circuit: The effect of frequency division is better

(1)Armature Driver: #30098 (2)Double Dynamic Drivers: Broad frequency response range

Passive noise reduction with double moving coils

Compared with single-acting-coil unit, the volume of two moving-coils increases by 60%*, and the frequency response sensitivity increases greatly. In terms of the expressive force of the instrument, there is more room to restore the timbre of violin, piano and other instruments. Low-frequency shock is powerful, so that the overall sense of hearing is more appealing.

Customized 30098 Armature Driver

Experiencing broader Hi-Fi resolution (1)Shell (2)Diaphragm (3)Conducting rod (4)Electric drive (5)Transducer coil (6)Transducer coil (7)Guide hole

New Electronic Frequency Division Circuit

Characteristic complementarity of moving coil and movable iron Amazing Acoustic Performance: According to the characteristics of the moving coil and the moving iron, electrical engineers have made very balanced adjustments to make the two units complement each other in the cavity and achieve amazing sound quality performance.

Strong and durable fashion appearance

Metal Wire Drawing Surface + Imported Resin Cavity + Aluminum Alloy Pillar Exquisite metal texture coexists with fashionable streamlined design.

MMCX Pro Socket

Free replacement of headphone cablelow distortion rate

Note for MMCX port switching:

1. Hold the black handle tightly for insertion when changing wires. 2. Pay attention to distinguishing between left and right when changing lines

Professional Cable Scheme

Anti-pull,anti-bending,anti-corrosionprovides excellent sound quality signal transmission

Different choices and attitudes

Three colours are optional

DX6 Standard Edition Packaging Contents :

1. Left Headset *1 2. Right Earphone *1 3. Double Section Silica Ear Cap (M)*2 4. Circular Silica Ear Cap (Three Sizes)*6 5. wire clamp*1 6. Headphone line *1 7. Instructions *1 8. Warranty Card *1


  • Pronunciation Unit: 3 Hybrid Drivers
  • Impedance:16
  • Frequency response range: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Microphone pointing: all pointing
  • Audio socket: MMCX Pro removable
  • Input power: 10mW
  • Weight: 3.5g (single earphone weight)

Packaging contents:

  • 3 Hybrid Drivers
  • *2 Double Section Silicone Ear Cap
  • *2 Circular Silicone Ear Cap *6 Clamp
  • *1 3.5mm headphone line
  • *1 Instructions
  • *1 *Warranty Card *1