Press Elevator Touch Free Open Door Press Elevator Button Anti-Contact Handle

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Product Features: 
1. Suitable for use in a variety of environments to avoid contact germs. 
2. Built-in storage area, disinfectant can be added repeatedly. 
3. Flip-top seal design to isolate germs. 
4. Compact and lightweight, easy to carry. 
5. Effectively avoid contact virus transmission 
6. Small size and easy to carry 
7. Effectively avoid contact virus transmission 
8. Can be added with disinfectant for easy use. Can be Applied to open doors and press elevators. Can be applied in a variety of environments. 
Material: ABS 
Packaging: 1* Color box packaging 
Product color: Black 
Product size: length 11.5CM * width 2.5CM * height 3CM 
NOTE: Please do not put it directly to your skin.