Red Green Purple Laser Gloves

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Red Green Purple  Laser Gloves Dancing Stage gloves laser Palm Light For DJ Club/Party/Bars Stage finger Light  Personal props

  1. laser gloves use for stage and dancin
  2. With rechargerable battery .
  3. Work 2~ hours for one time .
  4. Glove Size: both bands, size by adjusting the straps.
  5. Rechargeable laser gloves
  6. Charging time :2-3 hours

​Product Features:

  • Flexible Fabric: Lightweight and comfortable material makes you feel soft and fit your hand perfectly, good elasticity makes the gloves move freely don’t worry about it will be loose when you working.
  • Each hand laser gloves Including 4 Finger Lights.
  • laser gloves Light Up Party : A must-have for any Party, Concert, Clubbing, Night Activities, Wedding, Birthday Party. 
  • 4 Finger Beam Lights: Ultra-bright to illuminate in the dark, and elastic strap attach the light to your fingers or other objects
  • Mini LED Finger light for Crafts is the wonderful decoration for Christmas, Halloween, New Year, Valentine's day and any festival! Decorate your parties and KTVs with the beautiful lights!
  • Note:
  • 1.To ensure the life of the laser, you are suggest to keep it on for30-40 seconds, keep it off for 10 second
  • 2. After use, it should be placed out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental injury.
Package Included:
1 x Laser Gloves (one hand, with rechargeable battery and 4 laser head)
1 x Charger plug
1 x Black plastic box​