Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation Rejuvenation Face Lifting Gadget

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 Electric Body Massager 


1. Red Light

Stimulate the production of collagen.

Best for fine lines,reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.

2. Blue Light

Kill porphyrins and has a calming action resulting effective on hypersensitivity.

3. Green Light

Regulation of skin gland function, improve oily skin, blackheads,acne, etc.

4. Yellow Light

Provide enough oxygen to skin, tighten skin and lift skin .

5. Blue&Green Light

Soothing.Can help with allergies and enhances cell energy

6. Fine texture:

Improve skin roughness, keratin pores,large blockage and dull.

7. Firming the skin:

Smoothed wrinkles and ripples, effectively prevents the skin from sagging and slackening, and makes the skin firm.

8. Whitening spots:

Effectively dilute dull skin, uneven spots, etc.

9. Sensitive film repair:

Repair sensitive skin, acne, acne, oily secretion, etc.

10. Deep lock water and moisturizing:

Suitable for very dry skin, water-deficient skin and lack of water and oil skin.



1. Can not use if there is a wound on the skin.

2. Can not use who is suffering from epilepsy.

3. Can not use who is a heart disease(such as arrhythmia)persons,especially the person suffering from cancer.

4. Can not use who is a pregnant woman.

5. Can not use who is serious surgery and diabetes patients.

6. Can not use who is a person with any metal in body.



Item Type: Face Lift Massager

Material: Metal

Color:As Picture



Electric Current:120MA





Product Include

1*RF Lifting Device