Solar Powered Flame Effect LED Black Lantern

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Charged by the sun, this solar powered lantern features the dynamic movement of real flames, which perfectly simulate natural flames. The flame-like light is vivid without the risks of real fire. Perfect to add a warm glow of illumination to your porch, patio or garden. This lantern can be placed anywhere outdoors without extension cords.

The sturdy plastic and glass construction makes this lantern perfect for the outdoor elements. Keep lantern in a sunny area everyday to charge the panel for nighttime illumination. With the handle, this lantern can hang from a shepherd’s hook and displayed along a walkway.

Product Details:
- Effect of Real Flames
- Durable Black Plastic with Glass Panels
- Light Time: 6-7 Hours
- Charged by the Sun
- Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 11"
- Lights at Sunset
- Weather Resistant
- Hanging Hook
- Outdoor Use Only