Stand O Matic Fast Wireless Charger And Multi Stand

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Stand O Matic Fast Wireless Charger And Multi Stand.   A built-in magnetic charger and a magnetic stand that folds and disappears make it a breeze to charge and carry on the conversation totally hands-free.   This fast charger can charge your apple phone 100% which can come in handy when you are in a middle of a call with low power.

 The magnetic charger clings to the phone for Apple models 12 and above and can charge any phone with a cable if do not have magnetic support.  Easy to carry and recharge hundreds of times making it a very useful tool for any smartphone owner.

 Comes in multiple colors 

Support Magnetic wireless charging on iPhone 12 and above.  It supports just wireless charging on iPhone 8 and above.

Supports wireless charging on any phone with wireless charging support or a Qi charging support. Include a metal ring that can be used for non-magnetic phones to achieve a magnetic effect.