Tripp Lite 375W Car Power Inverter

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The PV375USB PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Car Inverter with two AC outlets and two USB outlets provides 375 watts of portable power for charging and operating multiple devices in your vehicle. Included battery cables allow direct connection to car battery. Inverter converts 12-volt DC power (from your cigarette lighter outlet) into standard, household, 110-volt AC power to run a wide variety of electronics, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, GPS units, game systems, portable TVs, and MP3 players. It can also power low-power lights, camping accessories, battery rechargers for small battery-operated power tools, and mobile office equipment. Automatic low-voltage shutoff prevents deep vehicle battery discharge at 10 volts. Tough metal housing is designed for lasting use. Built-in ventilation fan keeps the interior cool during extended use. Inverter includes two NEMA 5-15R outlets and two 1A and 1.0A USB charging ports. Flexible, 3' battery cable allows devices to run in the back seat.
- Dimensions : 6", 4.2", 2.4"
- Item Height (in) : 6"
- Item Width (in) : 4.2"
- Item Length/Depth (in) : 2.4"
- Packing Time (days) : 2
- Delivery Time (days) : 7
- Length: 4.17 in, Width: 0.55 in, Height: 2.36 in